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Honey’s anti-inflammatory effects and ability to soothe coughs has led to the belief it can also reduce seasonal allergy symptoms. Although there are no clinical studies proving its efficacy, Dr. Matthew Brennecke, a board certified naturopathic doctor practicing at the  Rocky Mountain Wellness Center  in Fort Collins, Colo., told  Medical Daily  in an email, "A common theory is that honey acts like a natural vaccine." It contains small amounts of pollen, which if the body is exposed to small amounts of it, it can trigger an immune response that produces antibodies to the pollen. "After repeated exposure, you should build up these antibodies and the body should become accustomed to their presence so that less histamine is released, resulting in a lesser allergic response."

The aerobic system helps to replenish and recover the first two energy systems. It is this system that helps to clear out the lactate produced from glycolysis and to rebuild the stored ATP and PC needed for the Immediate Energy system.  Most team sports are anaerobic in nature.  However, all team sport athletes need at least a moderate amount of aerobic conditioning so their aerobic system can provide recovery for the anaerobic systems.  It is usually fairly easy to see which team sport athletes do not have the best aerobic conditioning!  They will be the ones bent over with their hands on their knees between each play on the football field!

Rehabilitation can begin within the first 1-3 months following onset when there is the most plasticity of the Central Nervous System and greater potential for recovery. Improved gait is achieved in an upright and fully supported position through the repetitive and rhythmic movements of the Treadmill or Biodex Gait Trainer. Effective, efficient and safe use of clinician time. Allows concentration on treatment, not physically supporting the patient. When used with a Treadmill or Biodex Gait Trainer:
Better recovery of ambulation with effects transferred to improved over ground walking speed, endurance, and
physical assistance required to walk.

Body improvement medicine

body improvement medicine


body improvement medicinebody improvement medicinebody improvement medicinebody improvement medicinebody improvement medicine