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Our Vision
The vision of Nimai Management Consultants is to be the financial consultant of choice by virtue of its superior service quality. 

Core Values
Integrity and strong professional ethics are a fundamental principle followed at Nimai. We provide honest advice to our clients and ensure confidentiality of information. Our aim is to build a relationship of trust with all our clients and associates. 

Sound Professional Advice
Our strength lies in the sound professional qualifications and expertise of our people. We provide well-informed advice to our clients to enable them to meet all their financial requirements. 

We like to go down to the root cause of issues we are dealing with. We pay attention to detail and apply the greatest due diligence for all our assignments. 

Solution-centric Approach
Our focus is to provide our clients with practical and innovative financial solutions. 

What We Do
Nimai Management Consultants was established in 2009. We are a financial consulting firm that offers professional financial consulting and advice to our team has a collective experience of 185 + years in the banking and finance industry. 

We specialize in advisory on syndication of bank finance, rationalization of finance cost and trade finance solutions globally. Our core strength is advising on diversified range of solutions to our clients that include corporate, trade and non-institutional fund resourcing. We enjoy healthy relations with most of the local and DIFC based banks, and multinational banks present globally.  testonon 350 proviron side effects
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