Deboles gluten free pasta

People think they have no problem with eggs til they learn about the millions of little baby boy chicks who are ground up alive on birth. They put them on conveyer belts and drop them into whirling steel teeth of death. Of course boy chicks have no monetary value to egg producers aside from whatever [expletives deleted] they sell the ground up chicks to. I wonder if they charge extra for the pain they inflict. Maybe they get off on using a product that causes millions of babies to suffer. A baby chick's pain is no less just because he's tiny. His pain is still huge and horrible to him. They there is the stuff they do to the poor girl chicks, who grow up to live in terrible circumstances. Why would you eat anything coming from such a system? Then we can go on to the health repercussions from eating eggs . . but I'll stop with the cruelty, it should be enough.

This might be my favorite post ever – so much food porn! I visited Austin last year & ate at some many amazing places but you just added more fuel to the fire to get back. And that scallop recipe?? Happening ASAP! I’m heading to Denver at the end of July & have a few of your ‘regular’ digs pinned on google maps but think it would be AWESOME if you did a similar Denver-style blog post with your fav paleoish/g-free places to hit up while in town. Keep being a fantastic human (especially the cussing), love your recipes & blog!

Deboles gluten free pasta

deboles gluten free pasta


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