After the death of Elisabeth of Valois in 1568, Philip II took a special interest in Anguissola's future. He had wished to marry her to one of the nobles in the Spanish Court. In 1571, Anguissola entered an arranged marriage to a Sicilian nobleman chosen for her by the Spanish court. Philip II paid a dowry of 12,000 scudi for her marriage to Fabrizio Moncada Pignatelli , son of the Prince of Paternò, Viceroy of Sicily . Fabrizio was said to be supportive of her painting. Anguissola and her husband left Spain with the king's permission, and lived in Paternò (near Catania) from 1573 to 1579. She received a royal pension of 100 ducats that enabled her to continue working and tutoring would-be painters. Her private fortune also supported her family and brother Asdrubale following Amilcare Anguissola's financial decline and death. In Paternò she painted and donated "La Madonna dell'Itria".

This weekend marked the 30th anniversary of the publication of Toni Morrison’s masterpiece Beloved , a novel about a woman who kills her own child rather than let her be swallowed by slavery, and who is haunted by that decision in more ways than one. Beloved is widely recognized as one of the greatest American novels ever written—it won the Pulitzer Prize for fiction in 1988 (it was nominated for, but did not win, the National Book Award, a slight that forty-eight writers and critics protested with a letter in The New York Times ), as well as the Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Book Award, the Melcher Book Award, the Lyndhurst Foundation Award, and the Elmer Holmes Bobst Award. In 2006, The New York Times found it to be the best novel written in the previous 25 years.

Cuando Flick intenta un asalto directo, la operación fracasa estrepitosamente. Su grupo resulta destruido, sus superiores empiezan a dudar de ella. Sólo le resta una última oportunidad de cumplir la misión. El nuevo plan requiere un grupo exclusivamente femenino y no profesional, que debe ser reclutado y entrenado en cuestión de días. Deben intentar infiltrarse en el castillo a la vista de los nazis, aunque hay muchas cosas que Flick desconoce, secretos en las filas de los alemanes, entre los miembros de su equipo, secretos que guardan las personas en quienes ella más confía.