Dianabol keepable gains

I would make a bet that if you asked 100 so called ‘steroid experts’ this question (or even a normal steroid-using gym goer) they would instantly dismiss the question and claim that your liver would fall out the next time you go to the toilet. In actual fact, you can combine  certain oral steroids together safely, but there are precautions that must be adhered to before you commence with this. First of all under no circumstances should Superdrol, M1T or halotestin be combined with any other oral steroid; they are far too toxic and doing so could cause serious issues. You’re probably wondering why Anadrol did not appear on that list, but compared to the aforementioned three Anadrol is actually fairly mild. Stacking it with real Dianabol is an oral cycle that has been used by many people to great effect as they seem to work synergistically to induce substantial gains. If you are going to do this however, you must reduce the dosage of each compound and take no more than 30mg per day of dianabol and no more than 50mg a day of anadrol.

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Dianabol keepable gains

dianabol keepable gains


dianabol keepable gainsdianabol keepable gainsdianabol keepable gains