How much masteron enanthate a week

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It is my understanding that you don't need an AI during PCT - it won't be detrimental necessarily (someone chime and correct me if I'm wrong) - but there is no benefit. At that point, the SERM is taking care of any estrogen in your system (as far as blocking conversion or binding) while also stimulating LHRH and FSH to get your natural production started back up. Honestly, I am going from memory on this, and I don't worry about PCT anyway since I am currently blasting and cruising (TRT when off cycle). Check in the 'About the Pharma' thread like I mentioned, there are a couple bookmarked threads specifically dealing with PCT and which drugs do what - look for stuff by KSman, he seems to be the authority on TRT and PCT related stuff around here.

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How much masteron enanthate a week

how much masteron enanthate a week


how much masteron enanthate a weekhow much masteron enanthate a weekhow much masteron enanthate a weekhow much masteron enanthate a weekhow much masteron enanthate a week