Mast e homebrew

Currently I like the feel of all of the tricks and I've looked at the math for things like barding and a beast in heavy armor. The beast's AC could reach 21 at level 11 and go up to 24 at level 17. I think this is perfectly fine and it gives the ranger an option to make a tank, where the beast may have a +2 con modifier and heavy armor, and using shared spells to have resistances and healing. Alternatively, feats that offer utility roles, such as Rescue and Defend, really put the beast master in a position that better keeps the party alive. This could be fun.

A Perl CGI program to graphically show the radio path profile between two points.  It will plot the Fresnel zone and the true radio path for a given value of K (the effective Earth radius factor).  This is all displayed in reference to the path's elevation data taken at intervals along the link path.  This will let you see if you have a clear radio line-of-sight path.  Currently, the elevation data is only available for most of North America.  It is also extremely CPU intensive, so please be patient for the output PDF file to complete, or try again at a different time.

Mast e homebrew

mast e homebrew


mast e homebrewmast e homebrewmast e homebrewmast e homebrewmast e homebrew