Masten lake

Following a path building bridle horses using traditional vaquero-style methods, Richard has won a variety of snaffle bit, hackamore, 2-rein and straight-up-in-the-bridle championships. He supported and remained in stock horse and ranch roping competitions.

Richard presented dedicated vaquero-style clinics from 2003-2012 throughout the . and  Canada helping serious individuals interested in learning and refining their abilities riding in the hackamore and transitioning to the 2-rein and spade bit – building a true California bridle horse. He also offered training for cow work, ranch roping, stockmanship and competitive reining.

Richard was as dedicated to his family as he was his horses.  He was a great father and grandfather and his family meant the world to him.  He enjoyed any time he got to spend with his 3 girls Amee, Charee, & Billee Jo, son-in-law Weston, and 7 grandkids Riata, Chantz, Skyler, Sage, Kanyon, Kyzlee, & Graycee.  He enjoyed riding and roping with Chantz, listening to Sage sing, watching and giving advice to Skyler and Kanyon with their sports, and watching Riata, Kyzlee, and Graycee dance.  He loved them with all his heart and we know he continues to watch over all of us.

Elijah's son Robert Bruce Ricketts , for whom Ricketts Glen State Park is named, joined the Union Army as a private at the outbreak of the American Civil War in 1861, and rose through the ranks to become a colonel. After the war, R. B. Ricketts returned to Pennsylvania and purchased the stone house, lake, and some of the land around it from his father on September 25, 1869 for $3, (approximately $71,000 in 2017); eventually he controlled or owned more than 80,000 acres (32,000 ha), including the lake and the park's glens and waterfalls. [3] [16] [20] [21] [22]

Masten lake

masten lake


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