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As of the census [4] of 2000, there were 4,482 people, 1,771 households, and 1,190 families residing in the borough. The population density was 3, people per square mile (1,/km 2 ). There were 1,904 housing units at an average density of 1, per square mile (/km 2 ). The racial makeup of the borough was % White , % African American , % Native American , % Asian , % Pacific Islander , % from other races , and % from two or more races. Hispanic or Latino of any race were % of the population.

From Williamsport, the line went to Cogan, Trout Run, Bodines, Marsh Hill, Ralston, Grover, Cedar Lodge, Canton, Granville Summit, Troy, Columbia Cross Roads, then into New York to State Line Junction, Southport and into Elmira. Interestingly, PRR shared its ROW with the Susquehanna & New York Railroad from Williamsport to Marsh Hill. The S&NY had a line intersected the PRR at Marsh Hill, and went between Buttonwood to the west through Marsh Hill and to Monroeton to the east, and connected with the Lehigh Valley at South Towanda. The PRR also shared trackage with the Erie from State Line Junction, NY into Elmira -- the Erie line went to the southwest into Pennsylvania and connected with the New York Central at Lawrenceville, PA. The PRR shared trackage for a short segmet north of Elmira with the LV -- this line is still active from Elmira to Elmira Heights.

(My Latin teacher at Nolaskolan had us sing this from a songsheet – typed and mimeographed! – that I still have [click on the link above to see it, it also contains the Latin text to “Gubben Noak” . “Senex Noak”]. It is certainly a joke, but it says it is from the “Svenska Klassikerförbundet’s Pedagogiska Nämnd”, and reads: “PNs avdelning för uppspårande av de latinska originalen till bekanta svenska sånger har lyckats finna den text, från vilken Dan Andersson översatte Jungman Jansson. PN vill till vers 4 påpeka, att man i Göteborg brukar sjunga “för en sup i Yokohama”, under det att man i Stockholm sjunger “för en chans i Yokohama”. Stockholm har alltså rätt.”

Masten pa

masten pa


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