Proviron vs nolvadex vs clomid

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So which one should you use? Well personally, I’d have to say Nolvadex. Both as an on-cycle anti-estrogen and a post-cycle therapy. As an anti-estrogen its simply much stronger, demonstrated by the fact that better results are obtained with 20-40 mg than with 100-150 mg of Clomid. For post-cycle, this plays a key role as well. It deactivates rebound estrogen much faster and more effective. But most importantly, Nolvadex has a direct influence on bringing back natural testosterone, where as Clomid may actually have a slight negative influence. The reason being that tamoxifen (as in Nolvadex) seems to be the best choice for PCT. 

HCG : It is strongly recommended that HCG be a part of your testosterone cycle. The addition of HCG will prevent testicular atrophy, which will occur with testosterone use. When we use testosterone or any anabolic steroid, we suppress our natural testosterone production. If we are supplementing with testosterone, this isn’t a concern during the cycle as we are providing our body with the testosterone it needs. However, HCG will keep the natural production online, which will make post cycle recovery far more effective. A dose of 250-350mg two times per week will suffice for most men. For information on post cycle therapy (PCT) please visit How to Come off Steroids .

Proviron vs nolvadex vs clomid

proviron vs nolvadex vs clomid


proviron vs nolvadex vs clomidproviron vs nolvadex vs clomidproviron vs nolvadex vs clomidproviron vs nolvadex vs clomidproviron vs nolvadex vs clomid