T-bolt clamps

Every V-band coupling has a minimum torque value, dependent on the fastener or T-bolt size. The installation process should include torquing the latch to it’s proper torque value, then seating the coupling and re-torquing the coupling until the torque value is stable. For instance, a common torque value example would be 45- inch pounds. Torque the latch to 70% of the final torque (31-inch pounds) then tap the coupling with a rubber mallet. After seating the coupling, increase torque to 100% of the specified value, lightly tap around the outer periphery as necessary to prevent unequal loading. Torque the latch to the final torque value again. Repeat these steps until torque does not move the retaining nut. 

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T-bolt clamps

t-bolt clamps


t-bolt clampst-bolt clampst-bolt clampst-bolt clampst-bolt clamps