Ty d bol cleaner

It was like unveiling a new toilet. It was one toilet when I started and another after using this cleaner. All of the little black spots and specks that I had seen before were gone. There were barely even any water stains left behind in the top portion of the inner bowl . The cleaner was very hefty and left my toilet sparkling for days after. What I like about this cleaner is that you do not have to use it everyday to maintain a clean bowl . I use it about once a week and use other cleaners in between. Anyone battling serious toilet stains should definitely give this product a try. I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

Hang a clip-on toilet bowl freshener over the rim, according to manufacturer instructions and restrictions. For example, some products have a chemical solid attached to the end of a plastic or metal hook. The solid is suspended on the inside of the bowl, touching the wall, on the underside of the rim. When anyone in the household flushes the toilet, the chemical solid is immersed in the rising water and showered by the water coming in from the tank into the bowl. The resulting solution helps to clean stains and might prevent black mold and mildew growth over the long term.

Ty d bol cleaner

ty d bol cleaner


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